Paris from Effel Tower

People loves Paris because of the romantic streets. People loves Paris and its stunning architecture. People loves Paris and its history and rich culture. People love Paris simply because it’s wonderful!

I had a chance to visit Europe as part of the symposium for ‘Leaders of Tomorrow’ (St. Gallen Symposium). Fortunately, my essay was chosen as in top 100 essays and the authors are invited to attend the symposium. ALL the expenses are paid for, including the air fares, insurance, meals & boarding. The air fares alone may cost me over 1,600USD during the period of May. I flew with China Airlines, and the service was average, not so brilliant at all. Anyway, it’s not too bad because it’s FREE.

There are 2 main motivations to attend the symosiun. First – to get a chance to travel to Europe. Second – to be inspired by other young excellent students who are on the way to become leaders of tomorrow. What I can do might not be substantial, but together we can at least make an impact.

I will talk about my experiences during St Gallen Symposium in another entry.

This entry is solely dedicated to the breadth-taking views of Paris from the second floor of Effel Tower. I am lucky to be able to visit my brother all the way from Australia while he’s studying in Paris. As a student in Europe, my brother can get free ticket or the student discount (~50% of the fare). However, I have to pay the full price (adult fare) which is about 10-13 Euro to get to the 2nd and 3rd floor. Well, it’s good if you can stand the crazy crowds. I was there in May, not really a peak season for tourism but I cannot spend hours waiting to get to the 3rd floor which hopefully I can take even better photos.

Anyway, I’m happy which what I’ve got and now let’s see it!

(Seine river)

Paris – the master of architecture

At the far back – La defense where all financial buildings are located

It’s fun watching ‘small’ people and cars. They look like toys!




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