Buenos Aires, Argentina – Seeing & Eating

Personally, I have to admit that Argentina or the Southern America might not be the mainstream tourist spots. Many of my friends are surprised when I told them that I went to Argentina. The next question I was asked is that: “Did you see Maradona?”. Yes, Maradona is a big guy, a legendary football player Argentina isn’t just about Maradona. There’s more to see, and eat!

Thanks to the opportunity to visit Buenos Aires for a conference (South American Business Forum, organized by ITBA students). I did some research before taking a 14-hour straight flight from Sydney to Buenos Aires. It was long! I guess the distance may discourage a lot of tourists going to this region. During the stay, I hardly see people from other continents. There are tourists but I guess they are in neighborhood countries so I can’t distinguish them 🙂


: This monument is on the widest/largest avenue in the world. There are 9 lanes of cars in each side. Therefore, it is easy to locate  whatever part of the city you’re in. The name is to remember the date when the city got independence.


Casa Rosada is the presidential palace and only open to the public in certain areas. Sometimes it is referred as the Pink House


Galerias Pacifico: The high-class shopping center in Buenos Aires. You can find all the luxury brands inside. The decoration is very European and it reflects the history of the region. However, only in Buenos Aires, all the European buildings are remained. In other countries, the views are totally different.


Night market: Next to Galerias Pacifico is the night market with much cheaper stuff. That is to show the difference in terms of the disposable income of Argentinean. I bought a bag made by goat skin for 100 pesos (~25USD)


Shoe cleaning service is also popular. There are different ways that people can do to earn the income. There are sadder views that I don’t have photo to show such as people sleeping on the streets. The local told me that back in 1990s, Argentina enjoyed their wealthy income as same as European countries. The economic crisis and political issues lead their country’s economy grow constant throughout nearly 2 decades. It is going backward, and put many people in poverty.


It is not uncommon to see people protesting on the street…


Inside Tortoni, the oldest cafe in Argentina, founded in 1858


*Food section* 😀

(The typical food to eat at home in Argentinean houses)


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