Da Nang’s local food

People are usually proud of their local food. A lot of my mates, going abroad to study and they keep ‘complaining’ that they miss the food in their hometown. So do I!!!

This post does not reflect all kinds of Da Nang’s local food, but at least it can make some people feel less homesick. For those who never been to Da Nang, this post can be a reason for you to visit this place. Not as busy as Ho Chi Minh City, not a rich-cultural place like Ha Noi, Da Nang is known as a young & clean city, and its beautiful beaches.

Now let’s have a look at the local food 😀

1. Bánh tráng cuốn thịt heo (Sliced pork rolled with rice paper)

Step 1: Put the dry rice paper and wet rice paper together

Step 2: Put vegetable and a sliced pork on the rice paper

Step 3: Roll it up

Step 4: Dip in the special sauce made from salted fish (salty & spicy)

Step 5: Enjoying your meal 😀

You can find more information on the website of the restaurant “Trần” http://dacsandanangtran.com.vn/ . Just opened for few years but Tran has been Danang people’s favorite as they know how to do the marketing job. They have 4 branches so far, and their branding is very consistent. The theme colour is green and this delivers a message of the restaurant being clean & hygene. The place is suitable for companies and organizations to treat their clients a good meal 🙂

Price: 57-59k per serve (3usd) = 7-8 rolls, which can make your stomach full 😀

They also serves other specialty food like Quang-style noodle, roasted pork & alted-fish vermicelli, boating shaped cake, etc.




2. Ốc (Shellfish)

The restaurant that I tried is on Le Duan street. This is the most concern food as restaurants can’t guarantee the hygiene requirements. However, I have to admit that I the taste of the shellfish being served in the clean plates do not deliver the taste that I miss. Haven’t eaten this for few years, maybe my taste just changes?





3. Bún riêu (Crab vermicelli)

I can’t remember the exact address, but it’s on Phan Dinh Phung street, near the junction with Le Duan Street. The place is called ‘Bún riêu Bà Đào’


4. Trứng vịt lộn (duck balut egg)


5. Bún mắm (Roasted pork with salted fish vermicelli)


6. Boating shaped cake


7. Bún chả cá (Fish cake with vermicelli)


8. Bánh cuốn nóng (Hot rolled cakes)


9. Cánh gà & Chân gà nướng (Grilled chicken wings & chicken legs)


10. Gà xé phay (Mixed boiled chicken)


11. Xôi gà (Chicken sticky rice)


(to be continued… :D)


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