Taipei’s (Taiwan) food

If you’ve never been to Taiwan, you’re missing out a whole lot. Taiwan is home of many many yummy food, and also it’s the place that ‘invented’ pearl milk tea (or bubble tea if you’re in Australia, or boba if you’re in the States). My Caucasian friends keep asking why Asian always crave for bubble tea? It’s like why Aussie cannot NOT drink beer

The food culture in Taiwan is explicitly in its night markets. Prices are so cheap!!!! 1 regular cup of bubble tea in Aussie cost 3.5-4.0bucks, and you can get a large one in Taiwan for only 50c or max 1AUD.

Taiwan is known for: stinky tofu (smell like shit but taste so Yummmmy), bubble tea, fried mushroom, beef noodle (different from the Vietnamese one), hotpot, etc.

Unlike the whole perception about Asia, Taiwan is considered as one of 4 Asian Tigers (Together with Singapore, Hong Kong, and Korea). These four are New Industrial Countries (NIC), rising from 1960-1970s to increase their GDPs based on their cheap labour costs and innovative technologies. People in Taiwan have a relatively higher income than the rest of Asia, so it’s not uncommon to see a lot of students from Taiwan going abroad to study in US, UK.

Photos of the are taken when I went to Taipei in 2009 & 2010 for conference named Global Initiatives Symposium (GIS) Taiwan. Next time I’ll post some more info about this great opportunities for international students from all over the world to travel to this beautiful country/island.

Language barrier is a bit of problematic as I can’t speak Chinese and sometimes the people in the night market can’t speak English so well too. Anyway, body language helps!

Now, let’s check out these delicious photos 😀

(Pick what you want and eat like eating hotpot)

Some fresh fruit

(The Chinese dessert)

(Green tea pudding desert)

The famous pearl milk tea or bubble tea (in Australia) or boba (in US)

(Fried chicken with Japanese curry)

(Rice roll, looks like sushi but bigger)

(The famous stinky tofu. Even though it smells like SHIT, you have to try it as it tastes so yummy!)

(Can’t remember, something with potato or coconut?)

(Guess what? You can buy these eggs in 7Eleven)

(Guess what? You can buy these eggs in 7Eleven)

(70 Taiwanese Dollar ~ 2 AUD)

(Can’t remember, looks good but doesn’t taste good)

(The famous stew beef noodle from Taiwan)

(Some snack sold at night markets. Don’t know what’s inside but just have a try)

(Something like pork stomach?)



2 thoughts on “Taipei’s (Taiwan) food

  1. Don’t ask me how I went to Taipei and managed to not make it to a single night market. It’s probably because I ate so much the rest of the day that I was always too full in the evening. Great pictures! I’m glad to see what I missed (but will certainly return for). Yum!

    I’ll have to try stinky tofu too. So much awesome to eat in Taipei for SURE.


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