Japan trip (P1): Landscape

There is so much to talk about Japan, and that I don’t think I can include everything into one single entry. After the amazing 2-week trip to this country, visiting 5 cities (Osaka, Kobe, Kyoto, Yokohama, and the famous Tokyo), I took a lot of pictures and will divide into themes.

In this first part, I want to introduce Japan as a country with beautiful landscapes. This first-word country has amazed the world by their technology advances. This results in the sky crappers and those views, both at day and night, are stunning. Not to mention that the Japanese also know how to expand their land by creating the man-made islands. This makes their port cities (like Kobe and Yokohama) even more beautiful.

– Views from Landmark Tower Building at Yokohama. It is used to be the highest building in Japan, but soon to be beaten by the Sky Tree Building in Tokyo. Sky Tree is open to the public this coming April, and proudly to be the highest building in the world. It seems like countries are fighting each other to be the No.1

– Views from Umeda Sky Building at Osaka. Osaka is the 3rd largest city in Japan, and it is considered as the counterpart to Tokyo.

– Views from Tempozan Ferris Wheel at Osaka Bay Area. This Wheel is among the higest ones in the world, 125.5 meters from the sea level

– Views from Odaiba, the new man-made island in Tokyo with funny buildings and the new complex development with shops, restaurants, etc. This is a great place for family as there are many kids and parents while I was there. The view from Odaiba is spectacular as it overlooks the Rainbow Bridge and also the Tokyo tower

– Finally, there are stunning views from Tokyo Government Metropolitan Office (TGMO). It’s right in the city center district (Shinjuku). And more importantly, this observatory desk is free, compared to others such as the one at Tokyo Tower (800yen and 1600yen for the fee), or at Roppongi hill Tower.

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