Japan trip (P2): Icons

There are not standardised ‘standards’ to decide what represent Japan. There might be few more from other places in Japan that I have not been to. However, let’s say, according to my ‘standards’, these represent Japanese the most to me. There are places that the must to visit if you are happened in Japan. My standard is simple, if the place gives me the WOW factor, then it’s memorable.

Osaka Castle – I spent the first money of my vacation to visit this beautiful castle. Even though it was burnt and then rebuilt, the surrounding area is more impressive than than castle itself =)

Tempozan Wheel at Osaka Bay Area – The wheel itself is not really important, apart from the fact that it’s one of the highest wheel in the world. At the height of 125.5m, it can give a spectacular view of the 3rd largest city in Japan

Dotonburi & Shinsaibashi district – The area is known for the nightlife & entertainment. I got lost a bit, and just strolliing myself along the shopping street. That could be the reason why I’m lost hehe

Kobe Port Tower – In Kobe, I didn’t use public transport at all. The city is tiredly enough to walk for a round. I walked from the capsule hotel to this tower and happily going back.

Kanocho – is the foreigners’ houses in Kobe. It’s very romantic and no wonder why it’s getting more popular among Japanese couple. I bought my dinner at a convenient store, and then encountered a group of Japanese girls rehearsing a dance performance. I guess it was for the Valentine’s. That guy must be very lucky!

Kyoto Tower – I did not spend money to go up there, but I saw it everyday because I had to take bus to Kyoto station before heading to visit temples

Fushimi Inari – A famous shrine, with thousands of ‘toris’ being put together. It takes 2 hour to climb to the mountain but I only spent 30mins, to save time to visit other attractions. I was ‘WOW’ when I got here.

Miyomiku Temple – It must be nicer during spring/cherry blossoms season. However, I did have a nice view of the Tokyo city

Golden Pavilion – This is just simply beautiful!

Akihabara – The electronic town. My first site I visited when I arrived Tokyo via night bus (instead of taking shinkanshen to save money). It’s now being competed by big electronic department stores like Yodabashi Camera, etc. However, this place is also popular for manga/anime fans… I’m not a fan, but this place is still exciting!

Tokyo tower – This is considered as a duplicate of Paris Effel Tower. However, people said the impact was not as strong as the Paris’s one. I did feel the same, as if it’s a night red tower but might be sky crappers surrounding it diminish its beauty?

Tokyo DisneyLand – I spent the whole day here but still could not finish all the rides or attractions. It’s during winter, so considered as less crowded but still have to wait 30-45mins for each attractions. Luckily some attractions have less waiting time. Young Japaneses wear a lot of funny things when they came here. I saw a lot of kids in their uniforms too. Maybe they skipped classes and came here to have fun?

Sky Tree Tower – I think it’s soon to be called as Japan’s Icon. I saw it few times during my traveling in different places. Quite a pity that I cannot visit here as it’s not open for public yet. Wait till April?

Harajuku St – When I was there, it’s not really crowded as it’s weekday. However, the takekashi (hope that I spell it right) is more crowded with many shops and restaurants. A lot of youngster Japaneses were here and I do love their fashion style. There are many things I would love to buy, but either they are expensive or my luggage is too full to bring them home

Sensoji Temple – There are not many temples in Tokyo as compared to Kyoto. This one has the heaviest lantern (750kg weight). But the dissapointed point is that it’s too crowded and too touristy.

Nevertheless, Japan is still amazing and it never gets me bored. My next post will be about FOOD (^_^) and street views.

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