Japan trip (P3): Daylight Streetviews

Coming to a first-world country like Japan, I am impressed with their vibrant street scenes. It’s hard to believe that the economy is going down if a person coming from a developing country like myself being exposed to what I saw. I was in Japan during February, which is the coldest month of the year. However, people are still everywhere. It’s not difficult to spot some foreigners but it’s not easy as well. My point is, the economy is going so lively even though it’s just based on the domestic demands.

Another point I realized from the explanation of my host when I was in Tokyo. Being competed by emergent multinational companies, Japanese companies ‘have’ to go global to look for other markets as the domestic markets are saturated. I always thought that going global is a choice to grab the ‘easy money’, but in the case of Japan, they are being forced to be global. It’s not a new lesson though! I just learnt how to see things in a different angles.

Back to the main focus of this part, I am impressed with the vibrant scenes of cities in Japan, especially in Osaka and Tokyo. The two commercial cities represent for world-class cities with a huge and huge amount of people, always being busy to go to work, go to school, or simply unwind after work. I just love the big crowd of people, just because they are not ‘messy’.

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