Japan trip (P4): Nightview

Asia is differs from Western by their vibrant and lively nightlife, say Singapore, Hong Kong, Taipei, Seoul, Tokyo, Kuala Lumpure, Bangkok, etc..  ‘Night market’ is also another popular term, referring to a place where people come to hang out, shop and enjoy delicious specialty food. E.g., visiting night market is a must, one of tourism product of Taiwan.

In Japan, the nightlife areas such as Shinjuju in Tokyo or Daiba in Osaka have combination between food stands and clubs, internet cafes, karaoke rooms, sauna, gambling… The excitement, therefore, come from the flashing neon signs and smell of yummy food. Some people are afraid of Tokyo mafia, according to what they’ve seen in a movie. However, the truth is that it’s very safe here. With Japanese standards, even the dangerous area, tourists do not have to worry too much. It is said that Tokyo mafia do not mess with normal people or tourists. They are only in touch with the wanted people. So, worry free!

Another concern that I heard from my friends after the trip is about radioactive if you remember the earthquakes and tsunami in March last year. Well, there are still tourists, and nightlife streets still getting crowded. The news & media might make it too depressed to visit Japan. But as always, Japan is beautiful, in any season, and, any time of the day

(Shinjuku in Tokyo – The busiest nightlife district on earth, with >300 clubs within 2 blocks)

(Near Ikebukoro, Tokyo)

(Big spaces for pedestrians, in Tokyo)

(The food market in Kyoyo)

(Inside Kyoto station)

(Near Kyoto Downtown – Kawaramachi)

( Near Sanomiya Shopping complex, Kobe)

(Kanocho, Kobe – romance)

(Big Octopus – People in Japan eat octopus a lot, really A LOT)

(in Osaka)

(in Osaka)

(in Osaka)

(in Osaka) – Considered as the landmark of Sinsaibashi – Dotonburi area

(in Osaka)

(Sinsekai in Osaka, and the Tsutentaku tower)

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