Hoi An – The Old Quarter, Vietnam

Many tourists start to make their way to explore Vietnam. As far as I know, Hoi An and Ha Long Bay are the two favorite spots when I asked my foreign visitors. This entry will introduce you the old quarter Hoi An. Sorry for not posting picture of food 🙂

French and Japanese old visitors take account a large amount of foreigners who wish to come to this place for cultural and history interests. Being chosen by Japanese to operate as a port, Hoi An is seen as one of first place in Vietnam to start trading with other countries. However, Hoi An is loved because it’s mixed among Vietnamese, Japanese and Chinese culture

Throughout centuries, this old quarter is still remained and the government trying to maintain its environment due to flooding every year. Many old handcraft villages are remained, and so the folk songs, the lanterns, the sculpture, etc. I believe the friendliness of Hoi An people is what makes this place become so popular. Hoi An people are good at tailoring (e.g. tailoring your ao dai or suit within 1-2 days, and delivered to your hotel room), making lanterns for souvenirs. Food is also famous (I’m sorry for not having enough pictures to show you guys) which the region’s specialty food such as chicken rice, fried wonton, cao lau, banh vac, banh it, etc. You have to try them all, as it’s pretty cheap!

How to get to Hoi An? It’s an 30-45′ driving by car from Da Nang International Airport. Da Nang is the biggest city in the central region, and ranked 3rd after Ho Chi Minh City and Ha Noi. Ideally, people would spend another 2 days in Da Nang to explore its word famous beaches, Ngu Hanh Son – The Marble mountains, or hiding away the heat at Ba Na Hills. Another post about Da Nang (my hometown) will be up soon

Now, let’s enjoy the pictures

BLACK & WHITE: The photos weren’t taken long time ago. Just an attempt to make you feel like the old days

SCENERIES: of the Japanese Bridge, of the market, of the streets & lanterns. A peaceful town, away from hectic lifestyle that you used to have

(Japanese Bridge)


NIGHTVIEW: Hoi An is more beautiful at night, especially during the full moon. Twice a month, the whole old quarter will turn off their neon light. The town is lighted up by the lanterns. Motorbikes and cars are banned. A lot of traditional games will be showed. You can also light up the candles, put them in the paper lanterns then drop on to the river. By paying a small fee, the residents there would ride you on small boat to go around the town. It’s just amazing!



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