Japan trip (P5): Fooooooooood!

Maybe I don’t need to mention about Japanese food. The photos say it all.

Ramen noodle

Vietnamese beef vermicelli (Bun Bo Hue) in Japan

These must go with sake

Rice with green tea? Yes =)

Beef and Egg. Real & Raw

Grilled chicken

Deep fried chicken

Raw octopus. Awesome!!!

Sushi on the go

This type of ramen is the most popular. Can’t remember what it’s called though

Asahi Beer – another must try beer!

Cheap food at one of the food chain stores

Squid and mayonaise

Ice-cream and black jelly

Rice at cheap food chains

Green tea Ice cream

Mochi Mochi Mochiiiiii

So far Japan is the only country I know that enjoy octopus so much

During my journeys, ready set-dinner is convenient sometimes

Set-lunch (spicy pork)

Vietnamese Beef noodle (Pho) in Japan

Udon noodle

Takoyaki – Octopus balls

Okonomiyaki – Japanese pancake


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