Hoi An (P2) plus yummy Food!

About 4 weeks ago I wrote a post about Hoi An Old Quarter – Link here


Last week a friend of mine from Ho Chi Minh visiting Da Nang. After showing her around the city, we planned to stay over night in Hoi An. As promised from the previous post, I will bring some of the most amazing food in Hoi An to you guys. Not to mention that Hoi An is not limited to these 3 dishes, there are more for you to discover =)

Eating where the locals eat 🙂

Mi quang – Quang’s style Noodle with Shrimp, Pork & Egg

Cao Lau – Similar but the noodle is a bit more tender, square and not flat like Quang’s style noodle. The meat in Noodle is called Xa Xiu (Pork meat)

Banh Dap Dap – Dry rice paper paired with wet rice paper and to eat with the tasty fish sauce

Yummy fruit smoothies at Mango Restaurant & Cafe. It also has a nice view over the Nippon Bridge (Japanese Bridge = Chua Cau)

Before & Now Bar ( Bar Xua & Nay). The most popular bar for tourists/foreigners/expats in Hoi An

Now it’s time for the slideshow with all the photos I took during the trip. Enjoy!

View from Mango Restaurant & Cafe

Hoai river

Watching sunset

Cua Dai Beach – And here I saw pretty Vietnamese girls on the beach



Banh Vac


Banh Hoanh Thanh (Won Ton Cake)


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