Royal Tea (Trà Cung Đình) Huế

To be honest, I’m not a tea-loving person but I think some of you would be (well, you know who you are). Being in Australia for quite a long time, I notice that tea and coffee are two most popular drinks. I don’t know much about tea. There are few types like British tea (they drink with milk), or jasmine tea, or black tea, or green tea (from Japanese). Being quite commercial and popular is the tea bags from Lipton.

As Vietnamese food is well-known for its freshness and raw ingredients, so does the tea. Last week I was on a road trip with my family to Quang Tri, and we stopped by Hue to relax at a coffee shop. Hue was the old capital city of Vietnam, during Nguyen Dynasty. And today the royal tea becomes popular for everyone, not only the King and royal family

As I said, I’m not a big fan of tea (just because I’m seduced by other sweet drinks). However, I was impressed by the way how Hue people prepare for this royal tea. As you can see, different ingredients are put in the cup to bring the bitterness & a bit of sweetness of the tea. When you’re ready to drink, add some sugar candy (but not the white sugar). What interesting is that they gave you a bottle of boiling water so that you can refill many times

Ingredients that can be spotted on here: liquorice (cam thảo), dried jujube (Táo Tàu khô), dried grappes (nho khô). As a complimentary, we usually drink tea when eating some cake. The chocolate cake above is homemade by the coffee shop, inside having some coconut as well. They put the cake in the fridge and it is served cold so that the sweetness is lightened.

The coffee shop is named as “Vĩ Dạ Xưa”, in walking distance from Huong Giang hotel. This is one of so-many-wooden-style coffee shop that you can see in Hue, Da Nang, or Hoi An. It’s like a trend that Vietnamese people want to sit in these types of coffee shop for a relax day. Therefore, not many young Vietnamese people come here. I guess, foreigners and middle-age Vietnamese people are in favor of coming here. Maybe some businessmen also want to come here for a nice, polite and quiet environment to discuss with their clients. More photos of the coffee shop is posted below


Ps: Click here if you are interested in Hue’s local food


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