I love Melbourne here and there

This place is my second home, where I grew up mentally and physically (and possibly spiritually). Studying here for 4 years and spending the most beautiful human’s life chapter, I really appreciated the environment as well as awesome people that I met.

Before coming to Australia, I almost have no ideas what this place is about. I just wanted to study at the best university in Australia and then I chose University of Melbourne. As the most livable city in the world (just beating Vancouver last year), the city of Melbourne offers a great range of activities: for beach-lovers, bbq-lovers, culture-arts&museum-lovers. The public transport system is fairly good (even though it’s a bit terrible recently). Shopping malls are also quite sophisticated and people do dress up nicely.

As compared to Sydney, the weather is crazier (I still love it though). Sydney is warmer while Melbourne is known for their strong winds and 4-seasons-in-a-day. Apart from winter and some terrible summer days, generally the weather falls in between 18-25 degree which is quite cool. This allows people to wear more layers in their outfits, and to make them look nicer

I also love Melbourne’s scenery with great urban plannings. Yet, I still can find the lovely boutique local coffee shops in the laneway, and this truly reflects the coffee culture in Melbourne, or in Australia as a whole.

Overall, Melbourne has a good combination and mix for every taste… And I just miss it so bad!!!

City view from Shrines of Rememberance (10mins by tram from Flinders Street Station, Melbourne CBD)

Resting (or having a picnic) at Botanical Garden, and enjoy great city view

View from Southbank, overlooking at Flinders Street Station, at Yarra River

Royal Exhibition Building (REB) and Melbourne Museum. This is also where all Melbourne Uni kids have their final exams

Flinders Street Station at night

Flinders Street Station – the oldest train station in Melbourne -Melbourne’s landmark

Sunday free comedy show at Federation Square

The visitor center @ Federation square. You can find all essential information, free maps, etc. or talk to the traveler counsellors

Melbourne CBD at night

Besides trains and buses, trams are very popular in Melbourne (and you almost can’t find them anywhere else in Australia)

St. Kilda Beach

Frankston beach

Having outdoor bbq is part of Australian culture

Boat riding at Studley Park

Melbourne Central is one of shopping malls in the city. On the 3rd floor is Hoyts Cinema

Melbourne – Yellow – Picture taken at Royal Parade

Melbourne – Red – Picture taken on St. Kilda Road

Melbourne – Green – Picture taken at University of Melbourne, Parkville Campus


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