I love Danang – The Tshirt project


Producing I ❤ Danang t-shirts that are similar to the popular I ❤ NY ones. These shirts have been sold all over the world, and become one of the symbols of the Big Apple. We aim to make I ❤ Danang t-shirts to become a trend for Danang residents as well as tourists who will wear it proudly.


  • Main period of the project: 18th April – 2nd May
  • On sales: 27th April – till present
  • Members: (3) Hoai An, Beo Nguyen Thai, ssThao
  • Colors: White – Black – Red – Navy Blue
  • Result: sold over 300 t-shirts within 3 days, and about 450 up to now

The Story:

2.30am in the morning of the 18th April, An was too excited with her initiative, she sent Beo a brief message. The next day, the group (including Beo, An, and Thao) met up at a coffee shop to officially plan for this project. Long time ago, Beo and An have thought of making sets of ‘kool’ souvenirs for tourism activities in their hometown. This t-shirt project was quickly implemented because this is exactly what they have been wanted to do.

From the initial agreement, the team quickly divided the work. An drew the first draft of the heart logo. Next, Beo used that inspiration to design the heart logo using Photoshop. The differentiation of our tshirts is that the heart logo was inspired from the fireworks festival, which is now the signature/symbol of Danang. Every year, hundreds of thousands of visitors come to Danang to enjoy spectacular fireworks performances by international teams. Meanwhile, Thao did market research, and found some manufacturers that agree to produce t-shirts for us in such a short time.

While the process of finalising the design was quick, other steps were, sometimes, frustrating. At least, we have consulted 3 manufacturers but then we only accepted Hoa Tho Company because of their good facilities and willing to decrease the costs for us (we ordered a big amount). It’s mutual benefit for both of us and Hoa Tho as they would be proud of producing t-shirts to promote for Danang tourism (i.e. investing in their brand building). However, in such an urgent time, they could produce t-shirts in only 3 colors (red, white, and black). We definitely wanted to include navy blue in our color collection, so we looked for other producers. While the navy blue t-shirts are not as good quality as Hoa Tho’s, people still choose to buy because of the color and lady-fit size. Hoa Tho’s t-shirts with red, white, and black are favored because of their good quality, with high percentage of cotton, to make people feel comfortable during hot summer time.

After the tasks of design and finding manufacturer are done, next tasks were PR/marketing plan and finding good venues to sell our t-shirts. Danang Center for Tourism Promotion supported us by giving us a stall during their spring fair, taking place in accordance to the time period of fireworks festival.

Another channel that we focused was social media, more specifically, Facebook. The connection with admin of Fan page “Đà Nẵng” really helped us spread out the news. It’s worth to mention that this Fan page has more than 19,000 fans. With just limited information and the cool designs, a lot of people showed their interests and commented on the photo, asking where to buy our t-srhits, how much the price is, how many colors and sizes are available, etc.

The team discussed many many times, again and again, to decide whether we should disclose the price in advance. On the one hand, people would like to know the price so that they can discuss with their friends. On the other hand, not disclosing the price would make people to keep their eyes on the Facebook post, and make them curious. The final decision was made, that we would not disclose the price until we received the products, which would came only 2 days before the fireworks. That decision turned out to be a good strategy as people had to remind them checking Facebook again to receive updates from us. Also, with the price of only 120,000VND (~6USD), it’s not a big amount of money so people don’t need to think too much before buying.

On the 27th April’s afternoon, we quickly had a photo-shoot with young teen models. The spot is right at the Phan Chau Trinh high school, where many students finished their classes and went home. The photo-shoot was fun as we tried to capture the comfort of models when they wore the t-shirts.

On the 27th night, Beo edited the photo to post on Fan page Đà Nẵng while An, Thao and other supporters went to Pham Van Dong beach to set up the kiosk. Beo stayed at home to sell t-shirts for online clients. During only few hours of the night, we sold 70 tshirts.

(At Beo’s house)

(At Pham Van Dong beach)

(At Paramount Cafe – 100 Bach Dang street)

28th April is the peak time for sales when people decided to buy tshirt quickly to get them ready for the fireworks performance on the next day. Once again, admin of fan page Đà Nẵng helped us to post another photo. We realized that the post with much specific information received less ‘likes’ and comments than the post with limited information. Contact details of Beo are shared throughout online clients. Beo was busy answering the phone calls and deliver t-shirts to some special clients. The team started to feel good when they saw many t-shirts were purchased. The second day, we sold 160 tshirts

However, we understand that we must keep reminding clients. We decided not to put the whole photo album on Fan page Đà Nẵng. Rather, we post album I love Danang tshirt projects on Beo’s facebook because everyone now already know him. We regularly post updates about the project, e.g. having new location to sell t-shirts, or photos of customers who just bought t-shirts and wore them, etc. We want the news keep being shared through social media.

29th and 30th April, the fireworks festival took place and we still can sell a descent amount of t-shirts, about over 50 tshirts. After the festival, we still be able to sell a couple of t-shirts a day. It’s quite a surprise! Most of them are purchased as presents for friends who are far away from their hometown

We are also happy to know that customers buy our tshirts are Danang people, who are currently living or studying in France, Singapore, Australia, Japan, and US. We can say I ❤ Danang tshirt now goes global 🙂

On 4th May, we celebrated for the success of this project. After a week, we sold about 400 t-shirts. Up to now, we have sold up to 450 tshirts. We strongly believe that this kind of t-shirts can be bought throughout the year.

We are very happy after finalizing all the aspects of this project. Our first business is not making a loss. We’re still make a small profit! This will be the motivation for us to continue other projects

Interesting clients:

– Staff from Hyatt DOSM (Department of Sales and Marketing): On 27th morning, I received few phone calls from them. The whole department is getting excited with our design and asked us to deliver to them once we received our products from manufacturers. They are our first clients, and they bought 14 t-shirts in total

– A grade-8 kid insisted asking his Mom to drive him to my house to buy the t-shirt. He first asked me on Facebook that whether I put aside the t-shirt for him and wait till 15th May when he can get some money. He even said: “I only have 10,000VND, and I need to borrow Mom 110,000VND”… I know that at his age, he cannot have much money. Because of this special customer, I gave him 20,000VND discount

– Report from our sales team at Pham Van Dong beach, another kid insisted wearing a L-size red t-shirt because he wanted to wear it like a dress. His Mom is willing to buy the t-shirt no matter how much the price is

– A foreign customer staying at Vinh Trung plaza gave me a phone call (while I was in the club) and order 1 L-size black t-shirt. I guess he could fit XL but he insisted getting the L one. Then he called me again to change the size, as he could not fit the L-size. He could not go to my house to change the size because he’s a visitor. I didn’t feel annoyed even though I have to deliver to him twice. I feel happy that our t-shirts can even reach foreign visitors.

Lessons learnt

– Be careful with the size and colors chosen. Follow the technical team to check the fit size and colors before printing

– Well-prepared and more time for planning to decide the best venue for selling t-shirts

– Work in a team, and respect team’s decision

– More sizes for kids and chubby foreigners (XXL, XXXL)

– Other color could be popular: pupple

Some photos that we collected

The team and our great supporters

Big I ❤ Danang tshirt to attract customers


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