DIPR 2012 – So you think you can … fly?

It was totally worth it to stay under the sun and watch the paramotor athletics showing their skills, and flying over the sky of Danang city…!

Yesterday (24/05), me and a friend went to Pham Van Dong beach to take some photos during DIPR 2012 (Danang International Paramotor Race) event. You might hear of DIFC (Danang International Fireworks Competition), so this DIPR event is another effort of the city to promote tourism becoming one of its major industries

Hosting this air sport for the first time, no wonder why the city is very careful in organizing and managing this event. A Japanese consulting company  and a private event company are hired to avoid the risks. I saw the banners everywhere on the streets, I also saw the TVads… but personally I don’t think they have been doing a good job in terms of PR/Marketing for this great international event. Many of my friends have no clues of the exact schedule and activities. The website is there, but not attractive, and the wording might confuse a lot of people… http://www.dipr.com.vn/

23-25th May is the time for athletics to practice and also to show off their performance to visitors. Visitors can have their flying experience with para-motor if they accept to pay about 85usd (for 10mins up in the sky). For experiential product/service, this is quite a reasonable price as chances to have it again is limited.

11am 24/5/2012, I went there, under the sweaty hot sun, and had opportunities to took some great photos (at least to my standard :D). I was lucky because in the afternoon, it was raining. I went to Bien Dong Park again in the afternoon, after the rain, but all was close. Weather is extremely important for these kinds of outdoor activities. However, visitors can still have their flying experience on today (25/05).

The main/official competition among 25 athletics from 4 countries (Japan, US, France, Poland) will start during 26th and 27th. These 4 countries are the top notch for this kind of sport, and that will guarantee Danang people and visitors would enjoy their fantastic performance.

Attending this event is FREE, so just go to Bien Dong Park today or on 26th & 27th to join the crowds…

Below are photos that I took yesterday. My skin is now tanner but I’m happy anyway 🙂


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