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The University of Sydney, established in 1850,...
The University of Sydney, established in 1850, is the oldest university in Australia (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


Hello friends,


Thank you for visiting my blog. If you have noticed, recently this blog hasn’t updated much due to the fact that I just commenced my PhD program for 2 weeks. I’m doing my PhD in Marketing at University of Sydney. The school here seems to follow the US system and hence they require us to do a lot of coursework during the first semester, yet we still have to do the proposal defence at the end of year 1 of our candidature. and THAT’S WHY I don’t have time to post new blogs even though I’m kinda adapting life in Sydney here. If you know me, I’ve lived in Melbourne for 4 years, so a blog to compare Melbourne vs. Sydney could be a good idea


And if you know me well enough, my journey to get to the PhD candidature isn’t easy either. There are ups and downs and sometimes I really doubt about my self’s capability. I have thought of giving up and living a typical working life. But thankfully, I am back to Australia to experience more and see the world more, so that I can be well-equipped before going back and contribute for my hometown. Wanna hear about my PhD journeys? Let’s wait, haha, I’ll do it for sure, and soon.


However, it can be a time for me to review my blog, and see whether what I am doing is meaningful. Yes, it’s meaningful for myself but I’m not sure whether people like it or not. So, if possible, please do me a favour. If you read this post, please vote in a poll below to show which topics you like the best in my blog. And if there is something you think I could have done better, any suggestions, etc. please COMMENT below. That is what I’m really appreciated!





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