Love Season – what does this mean to be loved? [year 2012 in review]

I love December though I don’t like the heat here in Australia at this time. I love ‘end-of-year season’ because people start to review and look back what happened over the past eventful year, and so do I. This love-season of the year is the chance for me to be thankful and feel grateful for whatever happened, happening, and will be happening in my next coming months and year.

Not very often I talk about love in my blog or Facebook, to an extent that I decided to see myself as a single traveler based on the traveling that I have done in the past. I choose the ignoring approach when talking about love. I may be good at or lucky in other things, but oh oh, not with love hey.

Maybe I’m wrong, and truly I’m totally wrong

I feel loved when I spent the New Year’s Eve last year with my best friends. A union for no-longer-high-school-students who grew up and made their own ways of life in Vietnam, Australia, and The States. It was uneasy to sleep in the old noisy train to SaPa but that was a rate time that I had my best friend as my travel companion

Hanoi, Vietnam

I feel loved when a stranger offered me a place to stay&sleep during my backpacking trip to Japan in February (though not really random because I had to make contact on online). In the world full of suspicious minds, taking a lift of faith is thankful enough

a raining day, on a bus, in Kyoto, Japan

I feel loved to make things (I love Danang tshirt project) happen and have great new friendships. It doesn’t just stop here and we have planned for something else different. For those who are currently living in Da Nang, watch out next year!

I love Danang Tshirt project, and “nhậu” (typical drinking and eating place in Da Nang, Vietnam)

I feel loved to be greatly supported for what I’m passionate for. It was not an easy experience for me to make my way to Sydney and do PhD in Tourism experience. It will not be an easy experience to finish this long and tough journey but at least I enjoy every bit of it

PhD candidate in Discipline of Marketing, USYD Business School

I feel loved to have people surround that quickly make my Sydney experience better than the best. Living in Melbourne for the past 4 years, I have certain biased expectations but I don’t regret myself living another life here. Balmain is such a nice area to live in Sydney. Host family is kind and cook dinner for me (so, the bad side is that I never have to cook since I came here).

Balmain, Sydney

I feel loved to be able to keep in touch with few people even though time and distance are great barriers. My Melbourne friends are doing well and I still have a sense of how everyone is going over there

“a few” of my Melbourne gangs

I feel loved to be able to experience what love is. Greater than love, to be in a relationship is something that I’ve never thought of. But thank you for being the end of my 2012, and many more years to come.

the view from love

I realised that: Love is not too luxurious to buy, not too lucky to get and not too perfect to be unreal. Rather, it is the willingness to experience something in life together.

Happy loving everyone! 🙂


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