24 doesn’t mean anything if it’s not built upon the previous 23 years. Also, without 24, none of the following years matters

I am proud of who I am today, to make this far in this life. I am a little dust, not just a normal ordinary dust, but being able to stand out.

I was more excited the day before my birthday but not really on my birthday. Today I stay home and spend most of the time with my host family,  playing with the kids and talk to my uncle and aunty. Today I feel totally relaxed and head isn’t heavy at all. Today I let myself enjoy my own day.

It’s funny how Facebook and social media world spreads the rumours of the DoomDay. And to make life easy, it’s actually that I was born today, 24 years ago, to save the world!
To make a birthday wish, I wish my family good health, wish all of my friends a good holiday season and another successful year.

This year is too special and I cannot ask for more. Problems and issues are over. Future plans are clear, firm and concise. More than anything, I have you – my special someone – in my life, and that changes a lot

See you again next year, another birthday in review

Now, let’s me enjoy my 24!


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