Flying from SYD to SIN with Flyscoot

Singapore? Yes, it’s obviously not so “new” or “exotic” to most of us. I went to Singapore at the beginning of February and put this destination into my itinerary mainly because there are few dishes I didn’t try last time in 2010.

Because of the student budget, I’m so excited about knowing the new budget airline – Flyscoot – which is part of Singapore Airlines. Because of Sing Air’s reputation, I expect this just 1-year established airline to be good, or at least, acceptable. I’ve tried other low cost airlines (Jetstar, AirAsia, Tiger Airways, Cebu Pacific, etc.) so I know pretty well what the standards should be
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Getting my return ticket Syd-Sin for just 420AUD with 25kg of luggage is such a bargain.

  • Seat: The seat is not so comfortable compared to AirAsia or Jetstar even though I was lucky to have extra room leg seat without paying extra (~79AUD). The seat is made of hard fabric, not leather like what you receive when flying with AirAsia or Jetstar. I wonder how uncomfortable it would be if I had to seat in a normal one. Luckily, on the way back from Sin to Syd, I was again offered a very comfortable seat. There were only 2 seats at the back of the plane instead of 3 and they steered a bit to the side so I can sketch my stretch my leg fully. The journey back to Sydney was pretty much more comfortable compared to Syd-Sin flight.
  • photo (9)
  • The airline’s crew: super friendly! They paid attention to customers and always offer to help. The smiles are always on their faces
  • On time? No, I was unhappy because it was delayed for 4 hours on Syd-Sin flight. I landed at 11.30pm instead of 7pm. By the time I cleared custom, it was after mid-night so I had to go to the hostel by taxi because MRTs don’t operate at this hour. Anyway, it was unavoidable because there was a rain storm in Sydney on that day. I wasn’t so angry because the airline took responsibility and announced to customers promptly.

Will I recommend you to fly with Flyscoot? It’s a Yes if you want to save money for air ticket. I wasn’t happy at first on Syd-Sin journey but the way back was good and better than my expectation. At the end of the day, with 420AUD, half of what you normally pay for, I think Flyscoot is really value for money


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