It’s the time of the year…

(Written on 10:43pm Nov 21st 2013)

It is the time of the year when we (will) experience all emotions!

We feel content because we have tried so hard for the past year, making our goals become achievements and making our failures become motivations.

We feel motivated because yesterday wan’t that gloomy at all, and we believe tomorrow is brighter than today.

We feel sad because life branches have led us to many directions. These adventures could mean farewell for our friendship. We feel sad because the not face-to-face connections are not (never) the same.

We feel happy because life has treated us so well, and we cannot ask for more! We have someone to love, hug and share our frustrations!

We feel regretful, because some new year’s resolutions got lost somewhere. Let’s talk about being on diet and getting in shape!.

We feel excited, to see our good old friends and families.

We feel alive again, to be who we are and do what we love to do.

I feel content, motivated, sad, happy, regretful, excited, alive…

I am ready to pack my bag and travel, not only to see the world but to discover myself as well…

Trondheim, Norway

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