Living and studying in Australia for more than 5 years, I have always wanted to visit New Zealand since I started my travelling habit. I believe New Zealand is different from Aussie (it is!) and I always think I should make a trip there because it’s close and probably cheaper to travel overseas to elsewhere

My image about New Zealand is green and sheep. Very simple! I stuck with that image for such a long time and I don’t even do more research/reading about the country. Only when I confirm the itinerary, I start to plan where to visit, what to see, etc.

New Zealand isn’t necessary cheaper than Sydney. In fact, the food price is quite comparable, if not, I find it more expensive than Sydney. Food quality is so so, not so great and not really value for money. But its beauty beats everything else a tourist could ask for

The moment when I get off at Queenstown airport is the delight. The clear blue sky, the chill breeze and mounts surrounding you with a sip of fresh air go straight to my nose… From that point, I know I am in a place where the earth gets a bit closer to heaven.

I definitely had a good time there enjoying the scenery, taking great photos, eating the famous Fergburger, riding the luge. I didn’t do any adventurous  activities. It’s ashamed because Queenstown is the adventure capital. However, I appreciate its beauty and risky things are not what I’m after 🙂


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