human trafficking

What’s the Value of a Human Life?

human trafficking
human trafficking

As a traveller, or even as a consumer, do you ever stop to think how it’s possible that some countries in the world can be so inexpensive. Why can you buy a fresh cooked meal in Vietnam for a $1 when we are forced to pay $10 for processed food back home? How can consumer goods shipped across the ocean in giant cargo containers still be cheaper, than those made locally?

All of those inexpensive travel experiences and consumer goods that fill our houses are fueled by low-cost labour. Unfortunately, millions of those workers all over the globe endure mind-numbing, repetitive and dangerous work. Even worse, the demand for ever cheaper goods, has devalued human life itself. One of the fastest growing illegal industries is human trafficking, worth over $32 billion per year.

Human trafficking affects tens of millions of people, including those in your own country. Most of the victims are female, and many are just girls. Some are used as modern-day slave labour, others are forced into marriage, and many are sold into the sex trade.

Prostitution is one of the most lucrative illegal industries. Drugs are used once and then gone. A sex trade victim can be sold over and over and over again.

Of course, you are probably aware of all of these facts and you probably don’t care. There are many problems in the world, and we all have our own personal issues to deal with as well. But what if someone you knew were kidnapped? Could you still ignore the problem?

Ben Randall’s Human Trafficking Story

Ben Randall faced that dilemma after a young girl he met while teaching English in Vietnam was kidnapped and trafficked into China.

Ben decided he couldn’t just ignore this terrible injustice. He gave up his job, returned to Vietnam and has been using his personal savings to search for M and raise awareness of human trafficking.

Please watch this short video to learn more about The Human, Earth Project.

You can learn more about the ‘The Human, Earth Project’ on the Kickstarter crowdfunding page. Even a small contribution can make an impact on the lives of those most vulnerable.

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We can stand up for the injustices in the world.


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