Putting travel in perspective: The Human, Earth Project

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Travelling around the world is wonderful. Seeing amazing sites, eating amazing food, and meeting amazing people, how could it not be wonderful?

But then you meet someone who tells you a story that makes you think about travel in a completely different way.

This is what happened when I met Ben Randall my first night in Chiang Mai, Thailand.

Ben told me about a friend of his who was kidnapped from Vietnam: M, just 16 years old at the time, accepted a ride from someone she knew, but called home during the ride to say that she was in trouble. Her family thinks she was taken to China. It is most likely she was sold as a wife or as a prostitute.

It put my happy travels in perspective.

Human trafficking is a huge issue, and one we rarely think about in the west. But for many of the poverty-stricken…

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